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Finding Myself

I always had this fear embedded in me that everyone around me would eventually leave me. That is the reason why I always keep a lot of my negative thoughts to myself, scared that if I told the person about it, he would find it too much and leave.


I am a firm believer that everything will be “all good” in the end. Whenever life gets me down, I constantly remind myself to only look at the big picture and not dwell on temporary issues.


This is a tribute to everyone who ever felt like they weren’t good enough, and who ever felt like they were in any way inferior to everyone else. Recently, I’ve been feeling increasingly insecure again. And it got me thinking about how insecurity has been a big part of my life since young. ...

Finding Your Alphabets

As dawn approaches, I'll challenge you to go through this period of life alone. Learn to be alone, embrace being in solitude, do things by yourself, appreciate that you (on your own), can achieve things you never thought possible, dig deep, kunckle down to find who you truly are Like letters, ...

To Whom I’ve Yet to Meet

I know I can be no chill. I don’t love averagely, I am not average. I will be your best friend and your lover. But after it ends, all it left us were bruises and scars. The good news is, we will heal. To whom I've yet met.

Time, Love & Lies

Time, they're just numbers, nothing but a lie, everything about the simple deception to get you to feel better. Think about it, whether it is for a month, a year or 10 years; if we've yet to let go, move on, nothing will stop you from breaking down the moment you encounter a piece of heartfelt ...


Breakups, i guess everyone of us has experienced it at some point in our lives. When you don't compliment one another, its better to be apart. credits: @tjiaqi However, it is when you thought life has been set, sealed and carved out in stone, the unexpected happens; You realise you won’t ...