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DON HO @ The Working Capitol Building – Feelin’ The Summer Vibes With A New Brunch Menu

Don Ho has been around for quite some time but they were only serving dinner and after hour drinks. Located a short walk from Outram MRT, Don Ho rides on the brunch trend with their recently launched weekend brunch menu.

Ninja Bowl @ Duxton – 5 New Creations That Will Bowl You Over!

Ninja Bowl has launched its new menu for 2017. Although half the year has passed, its never too late to reexamine and update your menu. If you're Looking for a colourful meal to perk up your week? Look no further! Ninja Bowl presents a refreshed menu with 5 latest dishes to satisfy both your eyes and palate.

Botanist @ Neil Road – A Garden Brunch Experience

From the folks that brought you Pacamara, Botanist is a cafe nestled at the side alley of Neil Road, which is currently one of my favourite go to cafes for brunch. With limited indoor seating, diners have to brave the Singapore heat and dine in their courtyard. Don't be put off though, you'll fall in love with the ambiance, food and coffee.

Old Boys Gallery @ Kampung Bahru – The Contemporary Art Bar

Where food meets art, Old Boys Gallery is a gastropub that’s nestled between shophouses at Kampong Bahru. Founded by three young men who call themselves old boys, Old Boys Gallery is their labour of love.  Formerly an art gallery, Old Boys Gallery still finds relish in its graffiti art, ...

Peppermint Park @ Neil Road, Late Night Pizza Cravings

Do you remember a time where you'd feel hungry in the middle of the night and that craving for pizzas suddenly pops out. Fear not. thanks to the folks at Peppermint Park, you will get to enjoy pipping hot and fresh pizzas from 8pm to 4am.  Located along Neil Road, it would be easy to miss this ...

the Lokal – now serving Aussie inspired dinner

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