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Takayama @ OUE Downtown Gallery – Kappo-style Japanese Flavours

Opened at the start of the year, Takayama at OUE Downtown Gallery has been one of the few Japanese restaurant penciled into my bucket list of restaurants to visit this year. Offering a Kappo-styled dining experience, savour, discover the taste and artistry of flavours curated by Chef Taro and his team.

A Sausage Galore @ 3 Places You Can Get Your Hands on Yummy Hot Dogs

You can't deny the fact that America and Germany serve up the best hot dogs- from classic franks to gourmet dogs. While not all of us are able to fly over to indulge in these western goodness, we can still have a taste of it right in our hometown. While Singapore ain't known as a destination for hot dogs, its presence has been growing throughout 2017 in the food scene.

tao seafood @ asia square

Tao seafood is celebrating mother's day by whipping up some of Mrs Lee's favourite dishes. Yes, Mrs Lee is the wife of head chef Lee Tong Kuon and during this period, Tao seafood will be offering dishes that are well liked by the madam herself. what are the dishes? read more below!  Salted egg ...