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Tok Tok Indonesian Soup House @ Ann Siang Hill – Hidden Gem in the CBD

ou would know how crazy lunch hour can get during that time - the queues and jostling for seats. The perfect remedy is always to find a new haunt or hidden jem around the area. Thankfully, during one of our walks around the area, we came across this Indoneisan shop - Tok Tok Indonesian Shop House.

The 50 Cents Fest 2017- 5 Things To Look Out for This Year at Chinatown Food Street

It’s the time of the year again to bring your coins to good use at The 50 Cents Fest held from 29 - 30 July 2017! This year, the festival will transport you back to the 80’s to uncover a wide variety of nostalgic delicacies starting at only 50 cents.

Chir Chir Singapore – Something New is Clucking

To welcome the year of the roster, Chir Chir Chicken Fusion brings you a couple new dishes to satisfy your fried chicken craving.

Mr and Mrs Maxwell @ The Club Singapore, Ann Siang

The Club Singapore at Ann Siang brings to you a new cafe concept - Mr and Mrs Maxwell. Inspired by the travels and adventures of Mr and Mrs Maxwell, the new space in the Club Singapore unwind and enjoy classic breakfast.  So craving for some classic breakfast? Here's what we had Available ...

Oxwell & Co @ Ann Siang Hill

Situated along the slopes of Ann Siang, Oxwell & Co has all the makings to be one of the best bars with food, booze and cocktails. This once sleepy row of shop houses has recently come alive.  This was Oxwell & Co's Christmas menu and from the looks of it, probably one of the better and ...

CATO @ South Bridge Road

This new modern asian bar cum restaurant has recently landed on South Bridge Road near Chinatown. Known as CATO, this place serves up a mix of good tap and draft beers as well as finger foods which were a real treat.    Occupying two levels, and a DJ on the second floor,  CATO oozed food ...

koji sushi bar @ china square

and so the trend continues with another japanese sushi bar popping up in the city. This time it is Koji Sushi bar @ China square. Serving up sushis, donburis for lunch and a omakasae menu for dinner. A quaint, modern setting, Koji can sit 22 pax while Chef Benny and his team work their magic in ...