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What is Love?

What is love to me? Love means many things. Love can mean happiness or sadness. Joy or sorrow. Love can be painful yet relieving. Poisonous yet euphoric. Love is many things It can even be everything all at once. Maybe that’s why people call it bittersweet: never one or another, but always both ...

Screw Revenge – Be Strong and Get Better

Who says breaking up is going to be easy? Every relationship has its works and quirks. So it's impossible to say that there's a prescribed moment you know you have to end your happily-ever-after. Vindictive or not, I'm only after a life of laughter. My goal is to attain self-love. That is not the ...

Finding Myself

I always had this fear embedded in me that everyone around me would eventually leave me. That is the reason why I always keep a lot of my negative thoughts to myself, scared that if I told the person about it, he would find it too much and leave.