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A multi-hyphenate. Just another writer who's figuring her life out, while the world around her is busy writing their own stories. Coffee is a must-have for her to function, otherwise her thoughts scurry like rats in her head.

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Screw Revenge – Be Strong and Get Better

Who says breaking up is going to be easy? Every relationship has its works and quirks. So it's impossible to say that there's a prescribed moment you know you have to end your happily-ever-after. Vindictive or not, I'm only after a life of laughter. My goal is to attain self-love. That is not the ...

Jamie’s Italian @ Vivocity – What You Can Expect At This Celebrity Chef’s Restaurant

Whenever a celebrity chef sets up a restaurant in Singapore, I question the menu’s consistency. I know this to be true because we assume that it is the culinary finesse or the creativity of dishes that propel these chefs to stardom.

Dine Your Way to Bigger Savings with Cashback at ShopBack

Nothing speaks comfort, more than dining at home. Thanks to ShopBack, I have a long laundry list of options to sweeten the deal for me.