Festive Feast at Ellenborough Market Café @ Swissôtel

Christmas is around the corner and everyone is cracking their heads to find a good restaurant to dine with their loved ones. But if you’re planning to go to Clarke Quay, Swissôtel might just be the perfect setting for your special dinner. Despite being better known for fantastic accommodation, the hotel fairs equally well when it comes to their food, producing the finest flavour combinations. 

Swissôtel modifies a very westernised holiday, into one that resonates greatly with the Asian taste. Starting off with the dish that made everyone go back for seconds, thirds and fourths is the Asian-inspired Turkey with Cranberry and “Kam Heong” Sauce. First, let’s talk about the turkey; perfectly cooked, perfectly moist and beautifully fresh, every bite of it came out a compliment. Swissôtel cooks one of the best turkeys I’ve ever eaten and then decides to take it up another level with their Kam Heong Sauce which tastes like Indian curry. A very odd combination proved to be a match made in heaven and it surprised everyone because of how unique, weird but fantastically good it was. We couldn’t stop raving about this one dish. 

And of course what’s Christmas without ham. Their Honey Glazed Bone-In Champagne Ham with Port Wine Sauce was served in thick slices and was great to slowly munch on. The wine reduction also added more moisture to the meat and gave it more depth in flavour. 

Then we have the third meat of the menu, Braised Short Rib of Beef with Winter Mushrooms. The beef was so tender that it was easily pulled apart by a fork. The soft texture made it melt in your mouth and the winter mushrooms were good enough to be a solo item but paired well with the braised rib. 

And finishing off with some festive drinks and festive desserts, the night was filled with very new flavour combinations that I’ve never been introduced to. As I’ve never stayed at their rooms before, I now know them not for accommodations but for their good food and drinks. If you want to experience something new and interesting this year, I suggest you book your reservations early for their lunch or dinners.


Lunch (Monday to Sunday)
S$58++ (Adult)
S$29++ (Child)

Dinner (Monday to Sunday)
S$78++ (Adult)
S$39++ (Child)

Swissôtel Merchant Court
20 Merchant Road, Singapore 058281 


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Taking a twist to what everyone knows Christmas to be and taste like, Swissôtel's Christmas menu was obviously well thought out and perfected. I recommend it to everyone!

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