Morsels @ Demsey Hill – A Local Restaurant with a International Twist

At the top of Demsey Hill sits a restaurant that serves unique dishes formed by mixing different cuisines together. The insides are furnished with significant memories that the owner of Morsels brought back from all her trips, to give the restaurant a very homely and comforting vibe.

Served here are snacks like the freshest Oysters on Half ($6/pc) and Deviled Eggs ($4.50/pc) topped with Tobiko.

One of the most interesting salads I’ve had was this Burrata Salad ($18) which was Korean inspired with the fruit kimchi, drizzled with olive oil. A little bit of crunch was added into the salad with nuts and the meesua “mamee” that was fried from scratch, which was the best part of the salad.

A super rare part of the beef you can ever have is the 1824 Beef Tongue Musubi ($24) was the texture of the beef tongue was so different. It had a soft and chewy texture that went really well with the raspberry yangnyeom sauce at the side. Plated at the bottom were small cubes of onigiri, sprinkled with laver on top.

The Grilled Wild Sri-Lankan Tiger Prawns ($24) was my favourite dish as it was so flavourful and had such a juicy bite to it. There was even shaved foie gras on top, and the savoury broth was just so comforting.

The Charred House-Poached Octopus ($26) was a Morsels’s Classic. Sliced octopus was laid on a bed of squid ink pearl rice risotto, that was so rich in flavour from the squid ink. The salted egg yolk sauce not only gave the dish colour, but also complimented the dish pretty well.

With pickled beets giving it its vibrant pink colour, the Sakura Chicken ($30) was not just mouth-watering, but a feast for your eyes too. The souv vide chicken breast was made tender, and sprinkled on top was crispy chicken scratchings and chicken liver mousse was even slathered at the side.

A signature dish at Morsels, the Steamed Venus Clams ($24) is definitely for the seafood lovers. The broth was made even sweeter with figs, and you can either have it with a simple slice of bread or just drink it straight from the bowl.

You will for sure be impressed by the Snake River Farms American Wagyu Flat Iron Steak ($48). A generous portion of tender flat iron beef was stacked on farro rice. The rice was interesting as rice is usually soft and mushy when cooked, but the farro rice was firm and chewy, giving it a really nice texture.

Ending of with desserts, the Morsels’ Signature Milo ‘Tiramiso’ ($16) is a definite must try here. Basically, it’s tiramisu with a Singaporean twist. The sweetness from the milo balanced out the bitterness from the alcohol.


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A beautiful restaurant at Demsey Hill that will definitely stand out from the rest with its unique flavours and international cuisines. Prepare for a dining experience that will not only feed your bellies but also your eyes.

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