Emporium Shokuhin @ Marina Square – Celebrate Chinese New Year with a Japanese Twist

We all know Emporium Shokuhin as the place (or one of it) to go to for fresh and premium Japanese food. Located at Marina Sqaure, not only is it currently standing as a premium Japanese supermarket, it is home to multiple F&B outlets as well. For Chinese New Year, some of its outlets have come up with dishes that you might want to try this festive new year.

It is customary to start off the joyous meal with a refreshing yusheng. To cater to the masses, and still maintain the Japanese taste, Emporium came up with their own Shokuhin Prosperity Yusheng ($63.80++ for 6-10 pax). It is topped with a selection of freshly imported Ehime citrus yellowtail and salmon sashimi, edamame, yuzu peel and mixed with a homemade citrus sauce. The citrus sauce gave it a refreshing taste, differentiating it from others with the traditional sour plum sauce. Out of all the yushengs I had, this easily made the top 3. The only thing lacking was the lack of crunch to seal the deal. As an added convenience bonus, this is also available as a takeaway from 18 January to 4 March.

Pen Cai is another must-have Chinese New Year traditional dish to ensure prosperity in the upcoming year. It is without a doubt that Emporium kicked the game up a notch with its Japanese and Chinese fusion Takujo Lobster Pen Cai Claypot ($368++ for 9-10 pax). In this huge bowl, it includes luxurious seafood such as Boston lobster, Hokkaido scallops, baby abalone, and tiger prawns to name a few. However, it’s not the ingredients that make this special: the thick broth has a sweeter and lighter taste to it, as opposed to something savoury and intense. You could slurp it for days on end without feeling a tinge of guilt.

If you are planning to get their Plentiful Blessings 7-course Set Menu ($638++ for 10 pax) be prepared to be amazed by the Kani Cream Croquettes included. It may not sound as exquisite as the other items on the menu, but this small croquette is jampacked with a lot of flavours and ingredients. This is especially so with the generous amount of legitimate crab meat in each serving.

As another special treat for this coming new year, Shabu Tan will be having a 1-for-1 A4 Kagoshima ($99.90++) and Australian Wagyu ($69.90++) Shabu-Shabu buffet. In this buffet, you get to choose between 4 different broths (and it also has one that’s almost like a Japanese version of the beloved mala). Other than that, you have a wide variety of cuts to choose from. Remember to spam as much beef as you can because it truly melts in your mouth, making it worth every single penny you are about to spend!

This year, take a step out of your comfort zone and have a Japanese twist to your Chinese New Year meals! Emporium Shokuhin did this holiday a justice and I cannot wait for what other things they have installed next year.

Emporium Shokuhin

Marina Square

6 Raffles Blvd, 01-18, Singapore 039594

Nearby MRT: Cityhall, Promenade, Esplanade

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Emporium Shokuhin did Chinese New Year justice with its spin on the traditional dishes that most Chinese have come to know and love. If you are looking for something different this year, give this a go. You will definitely not be disappointed.


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