Alter Ego @ Esplanade Mall – Brunch with a Twist

It’s that favourite time of the week again – after the long hours at work or at school, waking up way past the sun has risen and indulging in a hearty meal is definitely the most rejuvenating remedy for all you weary souls.

Save for the usual eggs benedict that has littered across much of Singapore’s cafe scene, brunch is now made way more exciting with the new offerings up at Alter Ego. Whether you are craving for a lip smacking, sinfully delicious treat or a clean tasting, feel good post workout meal, this dual persona restaurant has them all in store for you.

Wasabi Yuzu Dragon Pokecado Toast - wasabi yuzu salmon poke, honey pineapple, smashed avocado with lime, crispy tempura batter, spiced roasted cashews, furikake, cherry tomatoes, chives, sourdough toast

We started off our meal with the Pokecado Toast ($17++). It was an interesting concoction, a simple yet novel pairing of the most recent, trendiest kid in town – poke (pronounced “po-kay”) – and a good ol’ slice of sourdough toast.

The Gochujang Effect Pokecado Toast - the gochujang aioli sauce in this version of the pokecado toast adds a tangy dimension to the entire dish

As expected, the poke from A Poke Theory did not disappoint. Well marinated with tantalising sauces, the poke adorning the pokecado toast is a notch up naughtier than your normal goodie fare found in the usual poke bowls served in the cafe (offered till 9pm daily; do check them out as well, these light tasting mixes are definitely worth a try).

If you are a fan of cheese, this is for you. His Eggs En Cocotte ($17++) is sure to leave cheese lovers swooning from its creamy richness. Sitting atop this bed of bubbling goodness lies a beautiful golden egg yolk. Break it in with the lil’ bread soldier sticks provided and I assure you, this cheesy, stretchy pool coupled with the overwhelming fragrance of lightly smoked mushrooms will leave you licking the plate to the last drop. However, do note that this dish is best eaten piping hot, especially if you want to achieve that classic cheese pull shot which will leave your Instagram followers salivating with envy!

Now, if you’re thinking: “not another fried chicken waffle again”, fret not, for this fried chicken brunch option, Slappy Chicken and Cakes ($21++), comes with a heartwarming twist. Taking a step closer to home with our well-loved American diner fare, the team at Alter Ego has switched up classic waffles for pancakes – and not just any pancakes so to speak, but pandan infused pancakes, richly aromatic and mildly sweetened by a homemade gula melaka syrup. Additionally, the Southern fried chicken thigh is drenched with sambal mayo instead of your usual maple syrup, packing a punch into the nicely crisped chicken slab.

Apart from savory food, Alter Ego’s new brunch menu offers sweet pairings too, perfect for those with a sweet-tooth or as a dessert to share. The French Toast Wife ($18++) was a delightful refresher – sweet and slightly tart passionfruit labneh oozed from between two thick, fluffy slices of french toast. The dish was also decorated with salted pretzels, popping candy and an assortment of berries, bringing you back to your childhood candy fantasies. Besides, a big kudos goes out to the scoop of vanilla gelato balanced atop this high stack, as it well withstood time and heat. Honestly, I would say that this was my personal favourite!

After all that feasting, here’s moving on to the finishing touches of our meal – the long awaited and highly Instagrammable thickshakes! Following the trend of over-the-top milkshakes, Alter Ego has brought us their own renditions. Available in four flavours ($10++), these thickshakes are truly beautiful to look at but here’s a tip, do bring a few friends to share the calories. After all, doesn’t food taste better shared?

Strategically located along Esplanade’s waterfront, Alter Ego is a stone’s throw away from the main Esplanade building. Fancy a 10 minute walk through the artistic cavern linking Esplanade Xchange to the Esplanade Theatres on a Sunday afternoon date? Alternatively, raise your glasses against the starry night skies illuminated by the Marina Bay skyline, and immerse yourself in the magical weekend performances brought to you by various artists at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatres. So what are you waiting for? Grab a few friends and head over to Alter Ego this weekend!

Alter Ego

8 Raffles Avenue

#01-13D, Esplanade Mall, 039802

Opening hours: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-11pm

Nearest MRT: City Hall, Esplanade

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The host Nobelle was jovial and very hospitable, attending to our requests promptly and amicably. It is evident that she takes a lot of pride in her creations and it was heartwarming to listen to her introductions on the dishes. This cafe by-the-day, restaurant-bar in the night is undeniably one of the best go-to places for group gatherings, good grub and hearty swigs!


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