Fika Swedish Café And Bistro @ Beach Road – Foodgasm from the Swedish

Popping by Fika Swedish Café and Bistro, you’ll be welcomed by a delicious smelling aroma from the kitchen that would make any stomach hungry. Walking through the city jungle and into the beauty of Haji Lane near Bugis, you’ll soon land at Fika Swedish Café and Bistro, a quaint little café that serves up authentic Swedish food.

The café’s white theme is a great place to take minimalistic food photography shots and if you’re looking for a cozy place to hold your event or gathering, try heading up to the second level of the café. Feels just like home (except better and prettier) is exactly how to describe the interior. The second level is available for booking for events and gatherings but is not open to the public.

We always have that problem with salads – enjoying it. But the seasonal Crabmeat Kale Salad ($19) posed no difficulty. The flavours were well balanced and everything was light. Starting the food tour of Swedish cuisine, this was one of those salads that could be praised and recommended to people who are not so fond of a bowl of greens. And as a salad eater, I found this dish to be very good.

As a potato lover, the Hasselback Potato on Cheesy Skagen ($10) was just pure happiness. With cheddar cheese, mayo, onions and Swedish fresh-water shrimps, I was absolutely in love with every bite I took from the mini baking dish. This starter is the reason why I couldn’t stop recommending the café to friends and the reason why I would go back. The potato was cooked wonderfully so that it was not mushy and overcooked, and the shrimp combination that sat at the bottom was so delightful that we scrapped every last bit of it.

The star of the menu has to go to the Pan-fried Halibut with Crispy Garlic ($29); it had absolutely nothing wrong with it. Well seasoned, the slice of fish was fresh, light and juicy, with a crispy skin and complimenting vegetables & sauce on the side. This halibut dish was extremely delightful and I’m betting that Gordan Ramsey would be pleased if he ever ate it. I thoroughly enjoyed eating this, and the only thing that bothered me was the fact that I had to share – same with the Hasselback Potato.

Out of all the dishes in the sitting, the Pan-braised Rack of Lamb ($26) was not as outstanding as the rest. The lamb was slightly tough, but other than that, the dish itself was still good. The sauce and mashed vegetables highlighted the taste of the lamb very well and in my opinion, could have done well even without the lamb.

Though I’m not familiar with Swedish food other than the great meatballs of IKEA, this café has definitely made me excited to carry on the food adventure to trying more Swedish cuisine. Overall, the food that I tried in Fika Swedish Café And Bistro caused massive foodgasm and I would highly recommend you to try it at least once.

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Zooming into the food, Fika Swedish Café And Bistro has one of the most delicious menus I've had so far; everything was seasoned well, cooked well and the flavour combinations worked well. However, the prices in the menu do put a big hole in your pocket, especially considering that you won't just be having one plate. But if you haven't tried Swedish food before, you should stop by this café at least once and splurge!

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