HolyCrab @ Bugis – Putting an exclamation mark behind the name

Just a distance away Bugis MRT, you’ll find a stretch of eateries nearby, one of them being HolyCrab. The crabs definitely got us exclaiming “holy crab!” when we had a bite.

Using Sri Lankan crabs, the dishes are sold at a fixed price of $9/100g. Before we get into the actual meals, trust me when I say to get a couple of plates of their Fried Mantou ($4/5pcs). Dipping that mantou in any crab sauce is absolute foodgasm. If you have the tenacity to dig out crabmeat to make a sandwich with the mantou, you won’t regret it too.

We often know crabs to be cooked as Chilli Crab or Black Pepper Crab, but HolyCrab’s Devil’s Crab crabmeat dipped in the sauce tasted foreign but local at the same time; it was personally, my favourite dish. This crab was cooked slightly more compared to the rest, starting off with being deep-friend and then tossed in evaporated milk, salted butter and sugar. The sauce mixture tasted similar to salted egg and the process of cooking made an outer crust to the crabmeat for more texture. For me, this stood out amongst the rest, and is the number one reason I would go back to the eatery.

For vinegar lovers, HolyCrab has something special for you – Balsamic Crab. Cooked with balsamic vinegar, red chilli and curry leaves, and the dish has the sour taste but was still enjoyable to a non vinegar person like me, as it was not too overpowering. But taking a look at the friends next to me who were anxiously waiting to be served this dish, their expression when having the first bite was absolutely brilliant; let’s just say that they were thoroughly satisfied with their vinegar cravings.

There would definitely be a Singapore favourite on the menu, this time being the pepper crab – The Peppa. This crab was exceptionally peppery with white pepper and pink peppercorns thrown into butter and crab stock. Though the other dishes stood out more, if you’re looking to stick to your ‘same old same old’ crab choice, HolyCrab’s The Peppa gives a very slight twist, and the flavours actually bring out the freshness of the crab even more.

Get out your mantous out, because the Green Chilli Crab is worth that muscle workout when sandwiched between a hot, crispy Mantou. Trust me. Adapted from the Singapore red chilli crab, this rendition uses green chillies blended in a whole lot of other spices to bring to you a punch of flavours. Other than eating a mantou with the meat, I would advice you to dip the bun into the green chilli sauce. Out of the dishes, the spices in the sauce made it impossible for us to not wipe everything clean. If you’re not a fan on the bun, you can enjoy soaking the crabmeat in the sauce by itself too!

Other than sharing crabs, HolyCrab offers mains to share as well – Succumb to Mee (Fried Clam Bee Hoon) $15 and Hooked on Mee (Hokkien Mee) $15. Both dishes took our taste buds away from the burst of flavours of the crabs and were simpler. After tasting the crabs, both noodles were not so satisfactory in taste. The beehoon had briny clams and the hokkien mee had prawn and squid, but didn’t really add much impact to the respective dish. Eaten after the crab might pale in comparison, but if eaten alongside could be a good pairing.


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The crabs can be tagged as 'unforgettable'. All the four crabs I tried was special in its own way and I personally can't wait to eat there again. However, the price of $9/100g can be a bit costly because eat crab weighs at least 900g. Is it worth it? Once in awhile!


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