Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory – Fusing Up Brand New Dishes

Did somebody say KFC (not Kentucky fried chicken but Korean fried chicken)? Chir Chir is coming up with a few new dishes on their menu to spice things up and it does not disappoint. So, get yourself ready for some cheesy, spicy, fried, and crispy goodness.

Searching for a good spin-off of Korean fried rice? The Spicy/Soy Dakgalbi ($32.90) is the one to end all of your searches. The rice is placed on a hotplate and topped off with roasted chicken thigh and a hard-boiled egg. The standout for this dish is none other than the rice. It was generously coated with seaweed flakes, flying fish roe, and sesame oil — allowing you to have a fragrant and savoury spoonful every time (as opposed to just having plain rice).

Chir Chir’s Cheesy Dakgalbi ($32.90) consists of spicy roasted chicken thigh meat with topokki, served on a hotplate that is over an open flame. The cheese surrounding this would be enough of a reason to try this dish alone.

The Jjimdak ($19.90 for half chicken / $32.90 for whole chicken) was the most wholesome dish of the night – comparing to the other hearty (and almost artery clogging) dishes. It reminded me a lot of the Chinese three-cup chicken as it is simmered in a sweet and savoury gravy, made from soy and BBQ sauces. Other than the chicken, it includes jjolmyeon (Korean wheat noodles) and topokki.

What can be better than having curry coated fried chicken? The Curry Fried Chicken ($28.90) consists of the Chir Chir signature crunchy batter fried chicken, with a liberal coating of curry powder.  The fusion of both Chinese and Korean flavours made this dish something worth your salivating. Sweet yet the lingering of spices in your mouth with every bite, this was prolly the best dish of the night.

Taking it back old school, this new rendition of Chir Chir Spring Chicken ($28.90) satisfies your nostalgic and Korean cravings. Instead of a heavy coating of batter, it is thinly coated with flour, allowing you to taste the sweetness of the chicken better without the batter overpowering it.

Chir Chir is a great place to satisfy your Korean chicken cravings. With outlets at JEM, Bugis Junction, Chinatown Point, Bedok Point, and 313 @ Somerset; it has everything you would need from fried chicken, to roasted chicken with cheese, and to something wholesome. The dishes here are great for sharing so bring your friends, or family, and enjoy an evening out together.

Chir Chir @ Somerset 313

Chir Chir @ Bugis Junction

Chir Chir @ Jem

Chir Chir @ Chinatown Point

Chir Chir @ Bedok Point

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Chir Chir is serving up brand new menu items from something fried, to something savoury, to something spicy and to something wholesome. It does not disappoint and is something that is suitable for everyone -- from kids to adults.


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