Bali 2017 – 6 Cafes You Should Totally Check Out

Bali is known for its temples, surfing beaches, beautiful villas but if you’re hungry in the morning, you should be glad that there are cafes here that will feed you till you’re full and happy. From my previous post, you guys would have known where we stayed and how we got to Bali. Feeling hungry? Finding the most instaworthy cafes? Looking for new cafes in Bali to check out? Here are 6 cafes in Bali you should totally be at, and i’ll show you what we ordered and at times what to skip. Hipster, insta-worthy. Your take!


Let’s first head to Ubud. Located in the middle of Bali, Ubud is more uplands and it is essential that you hire a taxi or a day car if you want to explore more of the town.

This place is really hard to find if you’re not a local in Bali. Situated a good 10 minutes walk from the main road, Café Pomegranate is a hut in the middle of a padi field selling all kinds of food ranging from pizzas, to singapore wanton mee, from japanese set meals to indian curry. As Café Pomegranate was right next to our Airbnb, we decided to try it. The food served here were surprisingly alright (prolly also we lowered our expectations upon see the wide range of food served here). The pizzas were good, and so was the wanton mee. However, the one thing that defines Café Pomegranate would be the fantastic view of the padi field as you have your meal here.


Now, we head south west of Bali, to the budding town of Canggu. Known for its pristine beaches, Canggu is getting more popular for their hipster cafes. We have 3 places to introduce to you here in Canggu.

Peleton Supershop

So Peleton Supershop in Canggu Bali is one of those cafes aimed at healthy living. Think “changing the world” , “vegan” and yeap you have came to the right place.  A combination of a Plant Based Cafe & Bicycle Store, Peleton Supershop serves up a very tasty and pretty looking Acai Bowl. My favoriite dish here would be the Hash Stack. Homemade Hashbrown, topped with all things green, you wouldn’t want to miss this dish. You either sit next to the bicycles or up on the second level at the long communal table. Lighting’s good! Great for people watching.

A short walk from Peloton Supershop is the new French inspired cafe – Folie Kitchen & Pâtisserie. What strikes you first when you enter the glass door is Folie’s colorful wall. Many instagram pictures will surely revolve around this wall at Folie. How’s the food here? Well for the price, it is indeed one of the better cafes here in Bali. Dishes we ordered from the pastries to the mains were all spot on.


Now we’re heading back to the epi centre of Bali’s tourist spot – Seminyak. A town widely popular tourist spot filled with night clubs, eateries, massage spas and yas cafes. Here are three you might wish to try:

According to Tripadvisor, the one cafe that’s a must visit when in Bali is Sisterfields. We heard that they changed their interior. From chic whiteish decor when they first opened, Sisterfields is now designed in a combination of wood, black and white. Not as instagrammble as before, but the crowd’s still there. When we reached Sisterfields around 11am, it was utterly packed.

Finally got a good cup of coffee at Sisterfields. The brunch selections were not bad. Nothing fanciful but brunch done right at this highly raved cafe. We ordered the french toast (average), avocado toast, big breakfast (this was good) and some other sides to share.

If you’re looking for an instagrammable cafe in Bali, another one that will pop to mind is KYND Community. The vegan and whole food movement in Bali is rather strong, and at KYND community, we find another similar eye catching concept in the heart of Seminyak. Think smoothie bowls. salad, juices, sandwiches and everything plant based. Even the coffee is made with coconut milk (super gross, we didn’t like it).

We ordered a couple items to share here. Although there were dishes that we all liked (the vegan sandwich. the smoothie bowls), there were also the coffee and waffle which were plain disgusting (really wouldn’t recommend these items). I’d highly recommend the vegan sandwich. Crunchy, flavourful with lots of bite to it.

Livingstone Cafe & Bakery

The last cafe that i’ll be introducing is the place which made the watermelon bread all so famous – Livingstone Cafe & Bakery. Apart from the gimmickry which first made it famous, Livingstone Cafe & Bakery offers a wide range of brunch and western items. Its interior is also one that every cafe would love to have – high ceilings, brick walls and woody table tops.

We tried a couple mains like the roasted pork as well as pastas like pesto pesto and seafood pastas. The mains could be better but we reallly liked the home made pastas at Livingstone Cafe.

That’s all folks! I hope you liked the cafes I introduced to yall above. Cafes in Bali are generally about the same price or a little cheaper than Singapore. Ambiance and food though, Bali provides standards that will be unmatched.

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