Da Paolo Collaborates with One Farrer Hotel & Spa – Friday Italian Dinner by the Poolside

Da Paolo’s finally having its first collaboration and it is with One Farrer Hotel & Spa. This collaboration brings about a 6-course dinner, having everything you would need to complete your Italian dinner experience there. What more, look out for its ever-changing monthly menu, ensuring that you will not have the same experience twice.

The pop-up dinner will be located on level 6 of One Farrer Hotel and Spa, next to the pool at the Sunset Bar (you can also choose to dine in their air-conditioned poolside restaurant). Don’t mind the heat? Try going with the alfresco dining as it will provide a great backdrop for a great dinner.

To kick off your dining experience, one of the only two things you do not have a choice over, is the Antipasto. At first glance, it may look a tad underwhelming but the squid ink drizzled on top of the fried squid piqued my interest – as did the other things too. It was a great pre-appetizer snack, though I wish that I could have had more fried squid and fried mushroom balls.

For starters, I got to choose between a Grilled Lobster Salad or a Parma Ham & Fresh Melon. Though both sounded tempting, I ended up choosing the salad. Da Paolo were very generous with the portion of lobster given and was light-handed with the Black Olive Soil & Pommery Mustard dressing – ensuring that it did not overpower the natural sweetness of the lobster. The edible flowers also added a nice touch of colour to the dish too.

What is an authentic Italian dinner without homemade pasta? Da Paolo was generous in providing 3 different choices: Ravioli di Vitello con Pomodoro e Grana Padano (ravioli filled with braised veal and a red wine sauce); Spaghetti al Granchio (spaghetti with crabmeat, tomatoes and cheese); and Tagliatelle alla Bolognese (egg pasta in a beef ragout, simmered in red wine). The pairing of the braised veal, in the ravioli, matched the red wine sauce perfectly. It was my favourite dish of the night as it was very cohesive, leaving me wanting more.

An Italian dinner would not be completed without one of its other main components: a risotto. Da Paolo did not derail my dreams of a good risotto with the Baked Chicken Roulade. The addition of truffle inside the risotto and the black truffle in the chicken roulade itself, matched each other in terms of flavour – bringing the dish together. They also offered a Pan Seared Barramundi, in case you were looking for a dish that is less hearty.

Fear not if you’re a fan of Da Paolo’s Signature Tiramisu, as it was one of the choices for desserts. The slight bitterness from the coffee helped cut the sweetness of the mascarpone — making it taste less sinful. No wonder it’s Da Paolo’s signature. I would recommend trying the tiramisu if you are not familiar with it. However, if you are and you want to switch things up, I would suggest trying the Cannoli Siciliani.

To end off the 6-course dinner, the final course was the After Sweets where they served the Cheese Platter with Dried Fruits Toast and Condiments. The savoriness of the cheese was a good respite from the sweetness of the tiramisu.

Overall, Da Paolo has set the mark for me, in terms of a 6-course Italian dinner. Though it was my first experience, I would not want it otherwise. With a price of $75++, this dinner is a value for money and I would patronise it again! This pop-up dining concept will be available from now until 29th December, available every Friday from 6pm to 9pm. Do not miss out on this experience!

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This 6-course dinner is everything you would need for a date night or night out with your significant other or your friends. It covers everything you would need from Antipasto to After Sweets. Other than its great tasting food, look out for its menu that changes monthly too!


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