A Sausage Galore @ 3 Places You Can Get Your Hands on Yummy Hot Dogs

You can’t deny the fact that America and Germany serve up the best hot dogs- from classic franks to gourmet dogs. While not all of us are able to fly over to indulge in these western goodness, we can still have a taste of it right in our hometown. While Singapore ain’t known as a destination for hot dogs, its presence has been growing throughout 2017 in the food scene. Here are three hot dog places to satisfy your cravings (if you haven’t already missed the push cart hot dog stall at the old Zouk):

Be Frank @ Paragon Shopping Centre

“Anyone can procure a good sausage, cook it, and put it in a bun – but a good hot dog is more than that”, said Kenneth Chang the owner of Be Frank, a homegrown gourmet hot dog stand. I couldn’t agree more and Kenneth lived up to his words by jazzing up his franks with delicious toppings. 

coney island

Coney’s Island ($6.50)

A classic American hot dog heaped with diced onions atop minced beef cooked in tomato paste, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce. This classic was easily my favourite. 

For those who yearn an experience, Bac & Cheeze ($6.50) features a blanket of luxuriously gooey Raclette cheese that is melted and scraped right onto the hot dogs upon order. Sink your teeth through the piping hot gooey cheese into a shower of crispy fried bacon bits. The ultimate indulgence. 

HOTDOGS Inc @ Pomo Mall

The sausages here take a more German than American approach. All sausages are prepared in house by Swiss-born Chef Otto Weibel, promising you the freshest and highest quality of sausage. If you are not big on toppings and find comfort in a simple hot dog bun, this is the place to be.

Lady’s Secret Delight ($9.80)

Savoury chicken cheese sausage, topped with kimchi and artisanal sauce on a lightly toasted sesame bun. A great combination of east and west. 


Besides hot dogs, you can also indulge in other German delicacies such as the Slow Roasted Pork Knuckle ($12) with crispy crackling skin, Pork Salami Stick ($2.50)  and German Veal Curry Sausage ($8.50/2pcs) to go along with some cold beer priced at $8 per bottle. 

Frank @ 1 Marina Boulevard 

Opened by the famous Brozeit, is Frank. It is the first eatery in Singapore to be placed in an authorized and movable shipment container. Being opened by Brozeit may make you think that the flavours are more German focused. However, it focuses on a more global approach where it includes sausages specially created for a specific country. To make it even better, all hot dogs are made to order within 3 minutes — great for an on-the-go snack!

K-Dog ($11) brings about a change in the traditional hot dogs we have come to know. There was a heaping serving of kimchi and a Korean sweet spicy glaze — which was served on a soft Asian bun. As an avid fan of kimchi, this was the perfect hot dog to me.

To cater to Singapore’s never-ending craze of salted egg everything, the Salted Egg Frank ($15) was created for that purpose. Standing out from the crowd with the fried squid sausage and overflowing salted egg yolk sauce, this is the item to go for if you love all things Singapore.

That’s all folks on our list of hot dogs recently opened here in Singapore. Do drop me a note if you spot something new! 🙂

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