Provisions @ Dempsey – Providing A New Experience For Claypot Rice & Skewers

When you think of Dempsey, the first cuisine that comes to your mind is usually anything related to Western – seldom Asian. However, located within Dempsey is Provisions; a bar serving up cocktails, skewers and – a rarity of its own in Dempsey – claypot rice.

The picturesque exterior may look like a bar that sells anything but Asian classics, but do not let it fool you. The modern interior had a touch of old school finesse with the chalk board and old school snacks used as decorations.

Provisions offers a variety of skewers which range from typical choices of Chicken Thigh ($5), Beef Sirloin ($10) to more choices that suit a more acquired taste bud such as Chicken Gizzard ($4) and Pork Liver ($5).

My favourite skewer was the Sotong Skewer ($8). The fried sotong with salted egg yolk reminded me of a cross between the batter of a fried chicken and the sotong on-a-stick from old chang kee.

The sides offered are also noteworthy. KFC ($10) was the side that stood out the most to me. It may remind you of the popular fast food restaurant, but it has nothing to do with fried chicken. KFC stands for Korean Fried Cauliflower. The batter of this side made the plain cauliflower into something extremely delectable – which is indeed a feat on its own.

Breaking away from the fried food, the Scallop and Yu Sheng ($12) is a great side if you are looking for something refreshing. The calamansi complemented the raw scallop well and provided a respite from some of the other heavier flavours.

Now, on to the main star of Provisions: the claypot rice. Provisions offer 5 different kinds of claypot rice; ranging from traditional choices such as the Mixed Pork Rice ($14) to something a little more unique such as the Oyster Omelette Rice ($18). My favourite was the Mixed Pork Rice, albeit sounds ordinary, it was packed with flavours that a true claypot rice should have. The rice at the sides was also very crisp, adding to the authenticity of the dish. It is to be noted that this dish does contain pig intestines which may not be suited for everyone.

Other than food, Provisions also offers a selection of different alcohols from beers to wine and their own concocted cocktails.

I had a great experience here from the very friendly staff to the relaxing atmosphere. If you are looking for an affordable place that provides a chill environment and something different from what Dempsey has to offer normally, Provisions is the one for you!

Provisions @ Dempsey

7 Dempsey Rd #01-04

Dempsey Road,

Singapore 249671

nearby MRT: Orchard

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Provisions provides a unique and affordable alternative to the common food found in the Dempsey area. The staff there are extremely friendly and welcoming as well! The sotong skewer and mixed pork claypot rice, and their in-house cocktails are definite must-trys!


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