Santap @ Rochor – Cosy Halal Cafe Housed In A Boutique Hotel

When it comes to Halal cafes, the few household names would probably be the Working Title for their fabulous burgers, Afterwit for their Mexican offerings and The Mad Sailors for their British gourmet. Did you know that these three cafes are part of one big family?

They are all under the belt of The Black Hole Group and recently have extended their family with a fourth cafe, Santap – a contemporary bistro with a foliage concept, offering wholesome and fresh produce. This cosy cafe is conveniently nestled inside a newly opened boutique hotel, The Daulat which is just 5 mins away from Rochor MRT station.

Santap which means to “eat luxuriously” in Malay offers a menu of healthy eats from sandwiches to rice bowls. All of which have been meticulously put together and beautifully plated.

Lamb rice bowl ($15), a wholesome meal served with lean tender lamb, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas and carrots nestled on a generous portion of cauliflower florets and brown rice. To add a touch of Indian flavour, mint chutney is used as a dressing, giving the dish a refreshing finish.

Salmon sandwich ($13) served with papadum on the side.  We loved the beetroot bagel which enclosed a generous amount of smoked salmon, zucchini and mango salsa. The lightly toasted bagel had a slight sweetness and it went really well with the savoury salmon.  We were pleasantly surprised by this one.

If you’re looking for desserts, Santap serves up the Challah french toast ($13). Accompanied with caramelised banana, cinnamon, honey and a scoop of ice cream wait out for the ice cream to melt before digging into this wondrous dish, . You will thank me later as you enjoy the dense toasty challah soaked in chocolaty ice cream.  A perfect dessert to share or even have as a main dish.



On top of their healthy mains, you can also indulge yourself in their homemade cold press juices. We had the green apple purple spinach and it was such a refreshing drink to have on a scorching hot day. We could barely taste the greens and loved the natural sweetness from the green apples with a hint of sourness.









Inside The Daulat Hotel

16 Madras St

Singapore 208413

Nearby MRT: Rochor

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With a variety of wholesome meals as well as sinful indulgence, there is something to satisfy everyone. A great scenic place for both the healthnut and indulger to hang out!


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