Starker Q @ Punggol – Multi-concept Bar at Waterway Point You Can Chill Out At

Located at Punggol’s Waterway Point is a 2-storey cafe and bar, that serves a whole variety of food from Italian to Korean, all in the same place – Starker Q. A similar concept to Marche, Starker’s first venture into such a concept shows how F&B is trending these days. The first level of Starker Q has 5 stalls, namely Legend Seafood, Mukja, Pizalo, My Bao and Allerga. Food can be ordered through an e-kiosk and you’ll be notified to collect your food once it’s ready. On top of that, there are live bands by local musicians on Monday to Saturday evenings.


The first dish we had at Starker Q was the fresh Clams In a Pot ($14.80). The clams were soaked in a fragrant garlic butter cream that was so rich and addictive. These are really good for sharing, or you could just have one to yourself because they are that good.


Have always loved pajeon and this was no different for me. Fried inside the crispy layers of this Seafood Pajeon ($6.80) were fresh assorted seafood and scallions. This Korean pancake honestly was really decent and at such an affordable price, you have to try this when you’re here at Starker Q. Goes so well with the beer selections.


Something different you find at Starker Q would be this dish – Wanton Pizza ($6.80). The crust of this pizza was thinly homemade and underneath all that cheese was well-marinated pulled pork that I was addicted to. To top it all off, crushed crispy wanton skin and hoisin sauce was drizzled on top. Pizalo serves many other classic flavours like Pepperoni and Margherita too, but I liked how this has d local twist to it.

The idea of combining a burger and bao got Starker Q to offer the Braised Pork Belly Bao ($1.40) and Bacon and Mushroom Cream Bao ($1.40). These mini signature buns were fluffy and sandwiched in both burgers were delightful fillings. The former reminded me of the kong ba baos we always have at Chinese restaurants and the pork belly was very tender. The latter had more of a western feel to it, with creamy bacon and mushroom inside. These are the 2 out of the 6 types of baos they have, so go crazy and order what you like.


Too much food perhaps? Time for some beers at Starker Q/ From the tap, you can choose between a round of samplers of Starker Larger, Starker Dunkel, Starker Aromatic, Starker Charcoal & Starker Lychee. Our favourite here would we the Lychee. Get the 2L barrel and drink to your heart’s content.

These Cuttlefish Strips ($2.80) were deep fried to golden perfection and so fragrant. Alongside is a fresh, spicy dipping sauce that paired so well with the cuttlefish. Really loved how they were skewered so that they were easy to eat and these are great for sharing.

Also being served at Allerga are the Fiery Wings ($5.80), on a bed of salad and a side of prawn crackers. These wings are a Staker Q’s classic and a must-try when you’re here. They are coated with homemade fiery hot sauce, but are so worth the pain.

Lastly, the dish I would always order when visiting any of Starker would be their Pork Knuckles. Super crispy, and ever tasty slab of meat goes so well with the barrel of beer.

Starker Q

Punngol Waterway Point

85 Punggol Central #01-01,

Singapore 828726

Nearby MRT: Punggol

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Starker Q is located in Waterway Point where there is a great view of the park outside, making it a really nice place to visit with your family in the day. Even at night, this place will turn into a cosy, post-work or post-dinner place to chill with your friends, or even have some alone time. With many different cuisines to choose from, Starker Q will definitely satisfy your cravings.


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