Pot Addiction 吃锅瘾 @ Sun Plaza – Steamboat, BBQ and Mookata Buffet

Pot-related food seems to have a special place in Singaporean’s hearts. In the past few years, we have seen a fair share of food pot trend – ranging from hotpot to mookata pots. Newly opened on the second floor of Sun Plaza (Sembawang), Pot Addiction 吃锅瘾 is the perfect gathering place for friends and families. Offering up to three kinds of cooking styles – Mookata, Korean BBQ and Hotpot, everyone will be able to find their preferred culinary choices here. What’s more, be prepared to eat your heart out with food served buffet-style. With prices starting as low as $14.90++ for adults and $7.90++ for children, this is perfect choice for the budget-conscious who wants to fill their tummy.

Korean BBQ + Cheesy Goodness

They have a wide spread of meat and seafood selection – specials include ribeye and beef bones. If you want something fancy, top up for a tray of sliced lamb or premium beef (+$5).

Top up for a tray of sliced lamb or premium beef at just $5

Amped up the flavours of the sizzling grilled meat with their different kind of sauces. The recommended sauce is the unique Satay sauce with a nutty aroma. But the winning “sauce” of the night has got to be the cheese. If you go there, do top up $3 for their generous bowl of cheese. The collision of the gooey cheese and tender grilled meat was sinfully indulgent.

Wide variety of sauces to choose from

Sinfully delicious cheese at just an additional of $3

Tired of eating the tender meat off the grill? You can explore other methods of eating the grill meat. Give the traditional Korean method a try –  roll up the strips of grilled meat, vegetables and sauce inside a crisp lettuce leaf. If not, you can try to create your own unique wrap.

Create your own wrap at this station


At an add-on price of $12, you can enjoy the hotpot filled with steamy goodness. Pick from a wide variety of soup bases which includes Ma La, Herbal Chicken, Tom Yum, Chicken, Tonkotsu, Mushroom or more. Averse to spice, my favourite is the hearty Herbal Chicken soup that is clean and light on the palate.

Yuan Yang Hotpot – Herbal Chicken & Mala

In addition to the meat and seafood, they serve a wide variety of hotpot ingredients –  imitation crabmeat, fish balls and etc.

Wide range of hotpot ingredients to select from


Greasing the metal skillet with the morsel of the pork lard, the meat slices were grilled and left a beautiful char on the skillet. Surrounding the metal skillet is a tangy Tom Yum broth. Soaking up all the essence of the juices flowing down from the grill meat and lard, the flavour of the broth was rich and hearty. 

Cooked Food

Akin to their other offerings, there was a wide selection of Korean cooked food such as Kimbap, Kimchi Pancake and Pork Belly. As a rice addict, I fell in love with their seasoned seaweed rice balls. It seems to be popular with other patrons as two tray servings of that were wiped cleaned in less than an hour. The only downside was that they have limited dessert choices – red bean soup and papaya white fungus soup. Dessert-lovers, please do not be disappointed as there are plans to bring in more desserts into the current menu.

In Clockwise: Braised Pork, Kimchi Pancake, Kimbap, Seaweed Rice Balls & Korean Rice Cake (Middle)

Braised Pork

Thanks to Pot Addiction, now we know where we can get the best of all three – BBQ, Mookata and Hotpot, at an affordable price in the North.

Prices. Courtesy of Pot Addiction.

Pot Addiction 吃锅瘾

Sun Plaza

30 Sembawang Drive #02-14 Sembawang,

Singapore 757713

Nearest MRT Station: Sembawang

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Highly recommended for budget conscious who are hungry and have a hard time of choosing what to eat. With three types of culinary choices (BBQ, Hotpot & Mookata) and a wide variety of food option, everyone will be pleased.

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