What is Love?

What is love to me? Love means many things. Love can mean happiness or sadness. Joy or sorrow. Love can be painful yet relieving. Poisonous yet euphoric.

Love is many things

It can even be everything all at once. Maybe that’s why people call it bittersweet: never one or another, but always both at the same time.

To me, love is a choice.

Often times, the initial feeling for someone may never be a choice of our own;  we can never choose who we love. However, we can choose to stay in love with the person when everything else crumbles around us.

Feelings are fickle

Feelings fade. Same as the feeling of anger, happiness, or sadness. Feelings are temporary; never here to stay permanently. If we let a mere feeling dictate the entire relationship we are in, all relationships we have come to know of would’ve fallen.

The reason why some of the most loving couples stay loving is because of the choices they make. They made the choice to stay by each other through thick and thin. Never letting anything waver between them.

They choose each other every day;

They choose to fight for each other;

So that they will stay.

When feelings run thin, they do not allow that to control the ending. Instead, they choose to only focus on learning to love the person again. If they can do it once, they can do it all over again.

A lot of times we let the feeling of anger delude us into thinking that everything’s over. That there is no chance of rekindling. We let the hardship of keeping a relationship get into our heads, causing us to give up on something that would otherwise seem beautiful. We have lost our resilience after having everything handed to us on a silver platter. We allowed mainstream media to influence us into thinking that love – the feeling – is what keeps relationships going.

When in fact, it’s always our own choices that keep our love afloat.

The next time you feel like giving up on your relationship because you are going through a rough patch, think of all the amazing times you had with the person. Reminisce all of the wonderful experiences you had. Ask yourself the reason why you chose to be with the person in the first place. Think hard; then think about why did you continue choosing the person after all the previous fights you had. What is it about the person that made you continue holding on, believing that there is still something left to salvage – to fight for. Do not let a rough patch destroy the beautiful love you have built up with your significant other. Do not let it break all the choices you have made.

Do not let something so temporary end something that could have been permanent.

Will it ever be worth it, letting something so minuscule affect something so huge? If the answer is no, then fight for your love. Take it into your own hands and make the choice. Sometimes, we cannot allow fate to decide everything for us.

We got to take fate into our own hands.

You, yourself have the power to decide everything.

So, make the choice and never let it make you.



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