Open Door Policy @ Tiong Bahru – Dairy & Gluten Free Delights

A hidden gem in the midst of the sleepy estate of Tiong Bahru, Open Door Policy is a restaurant with a great atmosphere for a date night or friends night out. The interior is surrounded by different types of plants that are grown in the cafe itself and these plants are actually used in the food served here.




Serving up a new menu that consists of 100% gluten and dairy-free food, Open Door Policy has your back if you’re dairy intolerant.


The Watercress Soup ($18) below was poured over wolfberries & a sous-vide poached egg. The soup was very thick and the egg added a smooth texture to the mouthful. At the side were 2 servings of light and crispy bread that almost tasted like crackers, and it paired well with the soup.


A unique aftertaste comes after a bite of this Vitel Tone ($25). The sous-vide veal loin was thinly sliced and so flavourful. It went so well together with the fried bread, tuna mayo and pickled purple cabbage. Of course, this dish is topped with their homegrown vegetables.


The Warm Wasabi Greenpea Scallop Soup ($23) was served in a cup, with a side of crispy focaccia bread. The bread was slightly oily, but went well with the soup. There are even a generous portion of chia seeds inside!


A lighter option, this Avocado Jumbo Lump Crab Salad ($25) is topped with fried charcoal toast and has a generous portion of avocado. I couldn’t really taste the salted egg yolk but really liked the extra touch of crispy green kale.


Moving on to the mains, this Roasted Pork Rack ($38) was steeped in a five-spice marinate and turned out so tender and juicy. It was covered in a sweet pineapple sauce, with purple sweet potatoes and blanched broccoli at the side


A vegetarian option, this Vegetable Tempura Risotto ($25) had a sweet taste from the vegetables and a touch of sour from the pickled pink ginger. Nicely plated above is the tempura vegetables like sweet potato and lady’s finger.


Personally, this Braised Veal Ossobuco ($32) did it for me as the green pea risotto was savoury, and the braised veal was so tender. Drizzled with preserved lemon and topped with pickled baby carrots, this dish is packed with a punch of flavour.


Accompanying the Sous Vide Salmon ($32) was a thin, sweet broth which is a braised miso chilli daikon. The salmon was so smooth and the insides were glistening. It was topped with dill foam and served with Chinese green cabbage and tomatoes.


This dish really surprised me. Yes, those white strands of noodles are actually spaghetti! Why are they white? It’s because the chef did not use egg in the making of the noodle, but still kept the springy texture of a normal spaghetti. This Spaghetti Alle Vongole ($28) is soaked in a sweet, creamy Japanese white miso sauce, topped with fresh clams.


This Pan Seared Threadfin ($32) has an Asian twist on it. The fish sits on a fresh Thai mango salad which was both sweet and sour (almost like our Chinese Yu Sheng), topped with cashew nuts, sakura shrimp and a side of baby potatoes.


Remember to always save space for desserts. The Calamansi Chocolate Tart ($16) has a mixture of sweet from the meringue, sour from the calamansi centre, bitter from almond, coconut and cocoa powder base. Everything in the bite was so well balanced, I would definately come back for more.


A familiar favourite has been changed to this wholesome Dairy-Free Apple Crumble ($16). With a generous portion of red apple, the crumble was made from oat that was so crunchy and fragrant. Top it all off with as much cashew milk creme anglaise as you want to bring out the flavour of this dish.


Before you leave this place, be sure to check out the wall inside because they hang up packs of seeds for customers. Feel free to bring some seeds like cucumber, lettuce, kale and white raddish home and try to grow them.

Open Door Policy

19 Yong Siak St,

Singapore 168650

Nearby MRT: Tiong Bahru

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Open Door Policy is serving a new gluten- and dairy-free (GFDF) menu that will surely impress you. With a wide selection of starters, mains, desserts and sides, prepare to indulge yourself with the variety of flavours this place will bring to you.


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