Jamie’s Italian @ Vivocity – What You Can Expect At This Celebrity Chef’s Restaurant

Whenever a celebrity chef sets up a restaurant in Singapore, I question the menu’s consistency. I know this to be true because we assume that it is the culinary finesse or the creativity of dishes that propel these chefs to stardom.

Unlike some of the famous chefs we know i.e. Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, Jamie Oliver is a peculiar character who stands out among his peers, not because he’s good at creating complicated menus. Instead, it was the simplicity of his dishes that puts him in the spotlight. On that note, I paid my virgin visit to his diner.

Fashioning a refreshed menu of truffle inspired creations, we were all set for an evening of Italian classics.


Starting with antipasti, we were served four types of crostinis: Salumi Crostini ($15.00++), Tomato Crostini ($15.00++), Crab & Avocado Crostini ($15.00++), Crispy Mushroom Fritti ($11.00++). My favourites were Salumi Crostini, and Crab & Avocado Crostini. As a carnivore, I could use a little salami to go with my toasted bread. Crab and avocado is an age-old combination that never goes wrong, in refreshing your palate.


Now, JI Caesar Salad ($26.50++) had me feeling less excited. There was something missing in this garden of leafy greens. I’d personally love to see more croutons and dressing in my salad, though I claim to be health-conscious. Inserts fake laughter.


What shone for me was the Truffle Mashed Potato ($7.50). The consistency of the mashed potato was spot-on, with hints of truffle lingering in every mouthful. I could even have this for a meal, if I could.


The Truffle Flatbread ($10.00 ++) has to be eaten while it’s hot. Otherwise, it’s going to be hard to eat when it’s left cold. The 280g Rib Eye Steak ($46.00++) was a hearty dish that makes great for sharing. I’d love for it to be cooked a while longer. Not a fan of an undercooked meat.



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Jamie’s Italian

1 Harbourfront Walk,

#1-165-167 VivoCity,

Singapore 098585

Nearby MRT: Harbourfront

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Jamie's Italian shows a lot of promise with a truffle-inspired menu but the price tag is on the high end. If I have to visit again, I'd be coming back for the Truffle Mashed Potato only.


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