Blue Jasmine @ Park Hotel Farrer Park – Get Anything But The Blues Here

A newly opened Thai concept, halal restaurant has opened its doors in Park Hotel Farrer Park. Conveniently located right above the Farrer Park MRT Station, on the 5th floor with an open concept. It is a casual restaurant with an indoor and outdoor seating, and can accommodate up to 100 people. The chef, a Malaysian, mastered his skills after staying in Thailand for the past decade. You can only imagine how authentic the food here taste.


As you can tell from the name of the restaurant, blue is the theme! What’s even better is that the blue colour you get is not colouring, but comes naturally from Blue Pea Flower. The Blue Jasmine Mocktail ($10) was a great start. A combination of blue jasmine tea, lychee and yuzu puree, when mixed forms a purple concoction.


Moving on to amusers, we had Larb Chicken Balls ($12) and Thai Fish Cake ($12).

This dish will kick start your meal, literally. Coating the chicken balls are crispy ground rice, and are roasted with chili.


The Thai Fish Cake had a good texture to it and was very flavourful.


If you are looking for light appetisers, consider going for the Tom Yum Soup ($20). You can choose from a red based or clear soup, and here we have the red base choice. It had a fair amount of ingredients inside like prawns and mushrooms.


Also, the Larb Salmon Salad ($18) had a spicy tamarind dressing, with a side of crispy rice crackers. The salmon taste was not very distinct in this dish, but proved to still be a refreshing dish.


This Ramadan, they have also introduced a few new dishes to the menu. The Fried Shrimp Paste on Toast is one of the new items and even though it might sound like a weird combination, believe me, it’s the opposite. Imagine it like a savoury french toast, and alongside is a dip of sour peanut sauce that you must try.


This very well known Thai dish, Prawn Pad Thai ($16), will definitely not disappoint you here. The flat noodles had a good chewy texture, and overall the whole dish was so satisfying.


Another blue coloured dish, the Crabmeat Yellow Curry ($26) had a good blend of curry paste and coconut milk. Simply pour the curry onto the blue jasmine vermicelli, and enjoy.


A truly authentic Thai dish, the chef actually uses a North-Eastern Thai Chicken in this dish. The Roast Chicken($28) is served with a smoked chilli sauce that will enhance the flavour of the spice marinated chicken.


Also a Ramadan item, the Duck Red Curry was a fruity dish with actual grapes and pineapples at the side. The duck breast meat was very tender and of course, this dish will also send your taste buds on a trip to Thailand.


You might be wondering, how can we go to a Thai restaurant without having their well known desserts? We have all tried many types of mango sticky rice, at kopitiams, during Artbox, or even the ones made in Thailand itself. However, this Mango Sticky Rice will certainly impress you. Drizzle the blue jasmine sticky rice with the caramelised peanut and coconut custard, and complement it with the sweet mangoes at the side.



This Chill Melon Sago was such an eyeful. This cold dessert was topped with a variety of fruits like rock melon, jackfruit and honey dew, and filled with sweetened coconut milk.


Craving for something Thai? Just hop down to Blue Jasmine today located at the newly opened Park Hotel Farrer Park today!


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Blue Jasmine

10 Farrer Park Station Road,

Park Hotel Farrer Park, Level 5,

Singapore 217564

Nearby MRT: Farrer Park


follow shauneeie on instagram: @shauneeie or like facebook page: @shauneeie for more food and travel escapades


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A casual concept restaurant serving authentic yet elevated Thai cuisine. Get your taste buds ready for a combination of hot, sour, sweet and salty dishes.


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