8 Days in Taiwan [Taipei, North East Taiwan, Yilan, Kenting & Kaohsiung] – Accommodation, Transport & Connectivity

Thinking of a holiday to Taiwan? We went on an impromptu vacation for a week and here’s what how we got there and our accommodations.



Singapore’s Changi Airport to Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport on Jetstar (~S$200, roughly 4H30mins flight time)

Kaohsiung Airport to Singapore Changi Airport on Scoot (~S$150, rough 3H30mins flight time)

The flight out from Singapore was around 0730H and we reached around 1200H in Taipei. On the return flight, we took Scoot which flew at 1940H and arrived at Changi around 0030H.



Taipei (4 nights) – Airbnb (Can’t find the listing already)

Probably the worst Airbnb stay I’ve experienced from my countless stays using Airbnb. Location was the only plus, just below Songjiang Nanjing Station in Taipei, the apartment lacked in every other category. The walls were paper thin and you can hear the heckles and bustles from the main road below. 4 sleepless nights in Taipei, thank god for alcohol this helped to get me the minimum hours of sleep.

Kenting (2 nights) – Beachfront Inn from Agoda

Beachfront Inn can be found both of Agoda and Airbnb, and probably one of the nicest family run Inn I’ve met. Located just behind Kenting main street, you can the complete view of Kenting beach and the sight when you wake up and during dusk is completely breathtaking.




Kaohsiung (1 night) – City Suites from Hotels.com

Decent 3 star hotel away from the bustles of downtown Kaohsiung and oppoteite Kaohsiung Art Gallery.  Chill on their rooftop during dusk and watch what nature has to offer as the sunsets here and breathtaking (when you’re lucky)




My choice of connecting to the digital world in Taiwan would be Far Eastone‘s Tourist Prepaid Card (Yeap, they are the no 1 in terms of coverage in Taiwan). My suggestion would be to get it from the airport (because the this price plan is exclusive to the airport). For TWD 300, you get 5 days of unlimited data from Far Eastone which can be received throughout the island. With unlimited 4G access in most of the towns we visited, we were connected to the digital world throughout our trip.

Also, before the trip we did some online search and found Far Eastone it to be one of the cheapest around and after using it for our stay in Taiwan, found it quite reliable.

One quick tip for you – if you require any assistance while using the telco, just dial 777!

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Stay safe and travel far in Taiwan! More on Taiwan soon.


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