Mitzo @ Grand Park Orchard – 6 New Ala-Carte Favourites to Put on Your Bucket List!

Mitzo at Grand Park Orchard has released a brand-new menu with over 30 new dishes. Keen to know more? Here’s 6 dishes you should try!


Looking forward to summer already? It just got better. That’s because this fruit-infused bespoke mocktail isn’t just a way to cool down from the heat, they’re absolutely delicious. From berries puree to pineapples, you’ve got a accompaniment of a drink that is sweet, citrusy and 100% refreshing. There are also plenty of other alcoholic offerings, you can definitely find one that floats your boat!


Seemingly a simple looking dish, my first bite of this Battered Lotus stuffed with Truffle Shrimp ($14) got me addicted. Who knew that western truffle could complement so well with crunchy battered lotus bits? A successful fusion dish in my opinion, this is probably one of the true epitome of the principles behind Mitzo.


The Roasted Coffee Pork Neck served with Crispy Beancurd Skin and Chinese Pancake ($14) produces a succulent alternative to pork belly and roast duck. Roasted pork is pretty much good by itself, but the touch of that deep, smokey, aromatic flavor of coffee, is definitely a much welcomed bonus.


The Aged Rice Wine Jelly Served with Cherry Crush, Lychee Sorbet and Battered Water Chestnut Cake ($18) is also another successful fusion dish.

The aged rice wine that Mitzo utilises is actually 女儿红, a traditional Chinese wine served only at the wedding banquet when one’s Daughter gets married. The rice wine complements well with the cherry crush and sorbet, successfully combining traditional Cantonese elements with a modern twist.


Not to forget Mitzo’s renowned Barbecue Pork (Char Siew), bound to tantalise your senses like it did for us!


Stir-fried Lobster Claw wrapped with Shrimps and Seasonal Greens in Petai Bean Sauce ($32) was the crowd favorite. It was juicy and fleshy in every bite, relishing in the luscious lobster meat was indeed pure enjoyment.


Another popular choice, the Venison with asparagus in black pepper mint sauce is a unique combination of sweet and savory tastes. Savour it slowly to enjoy the crunch of the asparagus with every bite of juicy venison!

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Mitzo continues to impress with their new interpretations on contemporary Cantonese cuisine. Pick them to satisfy your Chinese food cravings and it definitely won't go wrong. The roasted coffee pork neck was a personal favourite in the refreshed menu, but be sure to order their classic chasiew as it remains THE all time favorite!


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