I am a firm believer that everything will be “all good” in the end. Whenever life gets me down, I constantly remind myself to only look at the big picture and not dwell on temporary issues.

Think back to all of the times when you felt like everything in your life was crashing down around you.

Think back to all of the times when you felt like you were going through hell.

Now, think about how you’ve managed to pick yourself up in the end and overcome that difficulty. Think about the high you felt after overcoming the mountain. Think about how unstoppable you felt at that moment.

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What makes life worthwhile is all of the ups and downs you experience along the way.

Imagine how boring life would be if it’s a constant downward or upward slope; a boring life is not worth living. With every down you experience, there will always be an up for you. That’s how life is and will always be.

Everything happens for a reason.

Every little accomplishment or failure helps to lead you to your end destination. If circumstances do not seem promising now, focus on the bigger picture and know that in the end, it will turn out alright. It is just a small bump that is going to bring you one step closer to your “all good”.

The only time when life will continue to go downhill and your “all good” is gone is when you give up hope; without hope, everything is lost. If you’re at your down currently, just remember to continue hoping and to never give up. Soon, you will find yourself at the peak and reach your “all good” in the future. At that point, you will forget about all of the little inconveniences along the way.


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