boCHINche @ Amoy Street – Argentinean Brunch in the Heart of CBD

Previously at Martin Road, boCHINche has nestled nicely into the one of the shophouses along Amoy Street. Known for its Argentinean offerings, it’s time to check out the new premises and the brunch menu.

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Starting off with the iconic boCHINche classic  – the Proveleta ($17). Provolone cheese bakes in this tin pan topped with almonds and honey. I highly recommend this dish and everyone who I’ve introduced it to, loved it.

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Indulge in some Camarones ($18) if you’re a seafood lover. Prawn ceviche (raw prawns) dressed with blood orange juice and coriander. Flavours are a tad tangy it opens up your palate to consume more.


boCHINche gives you the classic Argentinean style curry puffs, the Empanadas – Atun (Tuna), De Came (Beef) & Espinacas & queso de cabra (Spinch & Goat Cheese). Loved how the crust are freshly baked out of the oven. Take a bite and taste the flavors of your choice of Empandas.


What’s brunch without some alcohol right! boCHINche has an extensive menu of all things booze and we tried out a couple of their signature cocktails.




























Unlike the normal brunch cafes which serve up the usual Eggs Benedict, Breakfast Sets and Toast, we decided to go with the Argentinean specialty – BEEF!   You get to choose from 4 diffferent types of premium cuts flamed in boCHINches wood and charcoal grill.  Rib eye ($62, 300g) & Beef Fillet ($79, 300g) we indulged in. Awesome flavors I tell you!



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115 Amoy Street #01-02, Singapore 069935

Nearby MRT: Tanjong Pagar, Telok Ayer

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Have always fancied coming to boCHINche and the new relocation did not disappoint. You get to choose from classic items like the Proveleta to new brunch item on the menu. If i were you, enjoy it the Argentine way and induldge in their wood and charcoal grilled steaks.


perpetual wanderluster. owner of & @shauneeie

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