Philly Shack @ Clarke Quay – Authentic American Cheesesteaks

Philly Shack is located  in the heart of Clarke Quay, is one of Singapore’s very first Philly Cheesesteak eatery. looking for a delicious stuffed cheesesteak? This might be the place to get yours in Singapore.

Philly’s serve milkshakes with a twist. You’ve heard of chocolate, strawberry and peanut butter milkshakes, but have you heard of sweet, alcoholic milkshakes? Well over here, they call it –  PS Spiked Shakes!


The Chocolate Bourbon ($13) is perfect for those who loves alcohol in everything.
Managed to try the Peanut Butter Jelly ($13) and I actually preferred it to the chocolate one.


Other than the Cheesesteak, Philly Shack has other burgers to offer. One of the home favorites would be the Philly’s Chicken Burger ($14), consists of a freshly battered chicken thigh and their PS habanero sauce. Pineapple is added for the extra flavour and the crunch you get when you bite into the burger is irresistible.


My personal favourite of the night, the Philly Shack Burger ($17.50). Loved everything about this burger from the juicy beef to the streaky bacon and house made BBQ sauce, this is perfect for those who can’t eat spicy food.

Both burgers come with a side of fries. I could not stop eating the sweet potato fries, they were one of the best ones I’ve had!


The star on the menu. With thinly sliced rib eye, caramelised onions, melted cheese and a side of fries, what could go wrong?

For those who love spices, they have a wide range of more than 80 hot sauces to choose from, so go crazy!


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Philly Shack

3A River Valley Rd, #01-01B, Singapore 179020

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The Philly Cheesesteaks is a must try if you're here. It also has a great atmosphere for a weekend night out. Be sure to try their PS Spike Shakes , and also have fun with their range of more than 80 hot sauces!


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