Old Boys Gallery @ Kampung Bahru – The Contemporary Art Bar

Where food meets art, Old Boys Gallery is a gastropub that’s nestled between shophouses at Kampong Bahru. Founded by three young men who call themselves old boys, Old Boys Gallery is their labour of love. 


Formerly an art gallery, Old Boys Gallery still finds relish in its graffiti art, wall murals and canvas paintings. When you step inside, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a myriad of bright, vivid colours. Oh, and these modern art pieces are up for sale too – if you caught sight of any. 


For what it’s worth, Old Boys Gallery’s menu is extensive – from munchies and light bites to hearty and staple mains, and racks of craft beers! 


Belly Good Burger ($18.90) is the latest dish on the menu. Stacks of sinful pleasures ooze with goodness from Japanese-style slow-braised pork belly with onion rings, pineapple, bacon, cheese and egg. Round it off with fries and greens to give yourself a “belly good time” indeed. 


Salted Egg Fries ($9.00) is another new kid on the menu as well. Of course, what’s there not to love about salted egg fries? Straight-cut fries drenched in our all-time favourite salted egg goodness. The perfect starter to share with friends, without the poached egg though. 


Spam Chips ($12.00) is a dish that brings guilty pleasure to the next level. Oh, we know that it’s good when the chip crackles upon the first bite. Dip it in their homemade wasabi mayo, which goes well with the protein. 


Triples ($21.00) is an assorted platter that’s made up of OBG Wings, OBD Crab Cake and Salted Wings. They are absolute yummers, though my favourite has to be the OBG wings – the sauce is just deliciously addictive!


Bak Kwa Risotto ($16.90) may come across as a dish with “an acquired taste”. Simply put, it’s either you love it or you hate it. For me, I love it because I love bak kwa. Not because I miss Chinese New Year, but the sweet-savoury barbecued meat just complements the risotto – no questions asked. 








Old Boys Gallery

67 Kampong Bahru Rd, 169371
nearby mrt: outram


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Old Boys Gallery is going to be a comfortable choice from now on. A cozy interior, with friendly “old boys” and a delicious menu awaits you. It’s an excellent spot to spend your weekend indeed. 

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