Ninja Bowl @ Duxton – Grain Bowls and THAT fancy french

If you’re looking for a nice place to have a chill lunch after Barre classes or an indoor cycling session over at CruCycle, Ninja Bowl’s pretty much everything you need. Occupying what was the former Department of Caffeine, you may find that the entire almost was almost untouched.

Healthy, Japanese-inspired, rice bowls that are well-portioned and absolutely delicious. Especially with the way the ingredients are used in a fine balance of flavor and texture! At Ninja Bowl, even its beverages are well thought off. We had a coconut cooler as well as a ginger soda which was utterly refreshing.

The Genki ($16) at Ninja Bowl is served with Quinoa, with grilled unagi, roasted pumpkin, beansprouts, pickled beets and an onsen tamago. Rich in flavor, the overall texture of the dish make for pretty good comfort food.

The Kabuki ($14) served with Ninja Rice, a mix of Japanese brown and white rice, is a crowd favorite for the sweet-savory chicken leg, and baby corn. The pickled beets, beansprouts and onsen tamago also feature here.

Our favourite of the night has got to be the Buta ($14). The aburi cha siu here easily outdoes quite a number of dedicated ramen joints. Coupled with the ume-pickled apple shreds, the cha siu is definitely a must-try! We weren’t huge fans of the orzo, but if you’re looking for a pasta fix, there’s the option here at Ninja Bowl.

The highlight of our evening was definitely when the Ebisu ($18) joined us at our table. With pan-seared Hokkaido scallops, mussels AND the miso butter cream. We highly recommend soaking every bit of cream up with the toast. (Steal more toast if the opportunity presents itself. The cream is THAT good.)

We ended the evening, of course, with the Fancy French ($16) beautifully plated, fluffy, and moist. The brioche is nicely golden brown and the fig jam, while not oozing like you’d expect, lends a beautiful profile to the dish. The hazelnut butter medallion and umeboshi infused honey round out the flavors with both a creamy nuttiness and a sharp sweetness. Ninja Bowl, you’ve spoilt us!


Ninja Bowl

15 Duxton Rd
Singapore 089481
nearby mrt: tanjong pagar


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Ninja Bowl is great for a quick but fulfilling bite if you’re in a hurry. But also a really cool place to sit and chill with some coffee and a good conversation. The Fancy French is also one of the best french toasts around. Be ready for good food and an interesting take on your brunch menu.

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