Calla Spa @ Suntec – ATAS spa you should try at least once in your life

We’re almost halfway through the year! Been feeling like we really need some r&r recently, but if you’re a working adult (or if you’re a student with exams coming up), you can’t exactly just book your flight and fly out as frequently as you’d like. So we took a trip down to Calla Spa to enjoy their facilities for a day!

Calla Spa is conveniently located at Suntec City. Other than doing massages and facials, they also have mineral pools, saunas, and steam rooms for you to use. There’s even an in-house casual fine dining bistro for you to snack at or have a proper meal at if you get hungry.


The first thing that we did was to store our belongings in the locker rooms and get a massage. 

I opted for the Aromatherapy massage, and you get to choose your favourite scent (which the therapists will then use!) out of five different scents. 

Four Hands for my massage – it was really relaxing and rejuvenating. Shaun did the traditional massage which he praised ever so often when we were done.

single massage


couple room


which includes a tub

After the massage, I decided to check out the pool area. The mineral pool is set at 40 degrees, and they use what they call a NASA ionization oxidizing system to balance out your skin’s PH. I don’t know if my skin was any better after this, but it was definitely very enjoyable soaking in the pool. 

Also checked out the sauna room and the steam room – both saunas and steam rooms are supposed to help you relax your muscles and flush out the toxins in your body, but my personal preference is for the steam room, because you feel so hydrated at the end of it. 


The staffs at Calla Spa also provide you with a cold towel to put on your face whilst you’re in the steam room, so the experience is all the more invigorating. Over at the men’s side, the space was a tad larger, with two pools and a cold bath set at 7 degrees. Otherwise, the men side includes both the steam room and the sauna.

Lastly, you can also check out the Andumedic bed treatment, which sends strong vibration and infra-red to different areas of your body using a medical equipment that Calla Spa imported all the way from Germany. This is said to promote blood circulation, detoxification and may even result in weight loss. 


If you’re hungry after exploring all the facilities at Calla Spa, do also check out the casual fine dining bistro. Our mushroom pizza was light and easy to consume, although it had a tad too much truffle oil on it for our liking, and the pork chop came in a large portion which is great for those with large appetites. They also serve desserts such as tiramisu, crepes and waffles.

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Calla Spa

Suntec City Mall, #01-500 – 504
Singapore 038983
Nearby MRT: Promenade


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The treatments here might be a bit on the pricey side, but every cent is indeed well spent. Unlike other spas, you will be able to use the facilities and have your meal and snacks at the bistro throughout the day.

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