Peppermint Park @ Neil Road, Late Night Pizza Cravings

Do you remember a time where you’d feel hungry in the middle of the night and that craving for pizzas suddenly pops out. Fear not. thanks to the folks at Peppermint Park, you will get to enjoy pipping hot and fresh pizzas from 8pm to 4am. 

Located along Neil Road, it would be easy to miss this shophouse pizza joint (Took me awhile to find it). Why ? Because it’s next to a row of pubs and the only way for you to enter Peppermint Park is to walk through the pub’s front door.

For sides, you get decent offerings like the Shepherd’s Pie v 2.0 ($14.90) and the The wings platter ($12). Nothing fanciful but good with beer and sharing. 


Let’s cut to the chase. at Peppermint Park, the first pizza we had was the Bruschetta Pizza ($22.90). As its name suggest, basil. tomato and herbs. A remake from the usual Italian bruschetta on bread. 

What I would really recommend here at Peppermint Park would be their Sambal Seafood Pizza ($24.90). Sambal made in house and a perfect compliment to the crusty pizza dough. Generous portion of seafood fills the area. Prolly one of the better tasting and unique pizzas around. 

Get some beer here too since its late in the night. Although a tad ex, the company and the night would make it all up and you’re at Neil Road, All the alcohol there are around the range.


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Peppermint Park
76 Neil Road Singapore
Singapore 088820
Operating Hours: Sun to Thurs (8pm to 3am), Sat (8pm to 4am)
nearby mrt: outram, tangjong pagar


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The unique offering of pizzas had been impressed. A couple more tasty new pizza ideas and Peppermint Park would be there among pizza lovers destination. Opens until late at night, it gives us more choices to satisfy our hunger pangs.

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