FYR – Cycene Ond Drinc @ Telok Ayer

Enjoy the weekends by having brunch at FYR along Telok Ayer Street. This modern European casual dining restaurant is bar/restaurant at night but turns around to serve hearty good European brunch food during the weekends. 

Curious to know what we had, but first, introducing the drinks before the food here at FYR. 

Sangria (5hands)

That was one awesome glass of spanish sangria. Essentially, a mix red wine and fruits. Leave them mix in a container for some time before serving. The trick to a good sangria is that the wine and fruits should complement one another and i see that FYR has found their secret recipe. The whole table thoroughly enjoyed the glass  

Party Detox Basket aka. Bloody Mary (4Hands) S$10



D.I.Y your own bloody mary. An array of ingredients will be provided and you can start mixing and mashing your on drink. Refreshing to say the least. Great to chill down during the hot weather.

Next up, here comes the food :

Yam & Sweet Potato Fries (3Hands) $8

Cut to thin strips and fried. It was really good, dip with the salsa sauces for extra taste. 
Escargot (3Hands) $12

A fan of snails? This dish with bread crumplets is something unique for brunch. I liked how the escargots were cooked perfectly and not too chewy.

Grilled Squid (5Hands) $12

This is how a squid should be done. Charred but grilled to perfection. One bite and it tears apart. Flavour wise, the lemongrass is evident. Squeeze some lime for an acidic mix to the seafood. I recommend!

Grilled Steak & Egg (3Hands) $28

Too overly done for our liking, but it was the European breakfast way to have your beef. The egg was done to perfection I must say.

Baked Beef Hash (5Hands) $18

Ribeye Hash on a hotplate. The beans, corn and beef mixed well to compliment one another. Stir the yolk in the middle and this is one lovely dish to be shared among a group. 

Baked Java Curry Chicken Ragout (2Hands) $15

Unfortunately, as good as it looks, the chicken ragout failed to deliver after having such a good beef version. The mixed was a tad blend and the beans overpowered the whole dish. Not my cuppa of tea. 

So, after having such a lovely spread, dessert was served. Having had the same dish for dinner some time back, was looking forward to their signature :

Pistachio Molten Lava Cake with Pandan icecream (5Hands)


As good as the previous time, the pandan ice cream was da bomb. Period. 


FYR Cycene Ond Drinc
19 Boon Tat Street
Singapore 069619
nearby mrt: telok ayer, raffles place, tanjong pagar

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European fare can be very different for our palates but I can occasionally get use for brunch. Amongst the dishes we tried, the beef hash and squid won it for me. Yes, do order the dessert too. Available every weekend, if you're tired of the ordinary brunch in Singapore, FYR could be the place to be.

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