the Lokal – now serving Aussie inspired dinner

The Lokal is finally serving up dinner. We have for some time, heard  rumours of this, but nothing has happened. Thankfully, all has been sorted and this popular Aussie inspired brunch cafe will start serving dinner from 11.11.2014.


Personally a fan of Lokal’s brunch, I was quite excited when Eileen brought me along for the soft launch of Chef Darren’s dinner dishes. Although priced slightly higher than the average cafes during brunch, Lokal’s dinner menu is more aligned to the normal restaurants around the area. Seeing how passionate Darren and his team go about preparing their dishes, as well as, adding that personal touch to get feedback from us ordinary customers, I decided that I would want to share with ya’ll their new menu.

Well, we almost got all da dishes

The starters:

Parfait of chicken liver (4Hands)


Freshly made, the chicken liver was remarkably done. It was perfectly smooth and there wasn’t signs of lumps. Married with crostini, onion jam and house pickles – sweet, sour, meatish and crunch, the textures and flavours were all there. The portion is huge and even the 3 of us couldn’t finish the plate. 

Seared Wagyu beef carpaccio (4Hands)

Seared wagyu beef where the cows are from aussieland. Complemented with fish roes, mashed eggs and saffron sauce. The meat was described to me as soft and springy. One of the few times where beef are eaten really raw, and it won over the table. 

Beetroot cured Norwegian salmon (5Hands)

I would eat this salad any day. Salmon from Noway, cured with beetroot. The time spent on these dishes are incredible. Paired with Horseradish cream, cucumber and green apples, this dish was exemplary. My only distaste was that the sweet potato crisps were far and few between!     

wait, where’s the drinks? 




As Lokal’s menu serves mainly meat, drinks are definitely a must for pairing. They have a full range of alcohol to choose from, wine, whiskey and beer from the tap – Asahi super dry or black. The kuronama goes really well with the lamb and chicken.

The Mains: 

Wagyu beef goulash (4Hands)

The group thought the wagyu starter was better. Nonetheless, the freshly made pasta was top notch – chewy and robust. That creme sauce gave the whole dish a proper fitting. 

1/2 Kampong chicken (4Hands)


Chicken from kampong in malaysia. Brined in a secret mixture, slow cooked for hours and this is what you get. The chicken was tender and juicy. One of the rare times i did not complain of the dryness of the breast. Because i am a chicken fan, i found this dish the best of the night. You can pass on the green salsa verde. (HEHE)

Slow Roasted lamb shoulder (5Hands)


Probably the best dish of the night. Chef Darren describes this dish  as being the most labour intensive. Brined with many ingredients as well as coffee (yes! that’s the key), slow cooked for hours before service. The first bite of the meat, you cannot taste that lamb-py odour which turns people off. Very excellently done. A red wine would be a great pair for this dish. 

Lokal sausage platter (TBC)


Didnt get to try this dish because we were beyond full. 3 different types of sausages sourced from around Singapore. how many hands will you give?


Salami ( damm shiok)

What we did try though were these! freshly made salami by chef darren. Very yummy treats. Not yet available on the menu but probably would be served upon request and availability (hint hint)? It would probably be a great starter in future with cheese (nomnom!). 

our other behind the scenes shot as well as table top shots:



P.S. see how my foodie friend can be so particular about presentation. The drive for that perfect shot.

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The Lokal
136 Neil Road
Singapore 088865
nearby MRT: tanjong pagar, outram

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Definitely worth the try. Starters should range from $17 to $20 while mains would range from $25 to $30. Drinks are a tad pricely but that is the price for having great food with a warm evening setting. Portions are huge though so be prepared to be fed.   

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